Friday, July 18, 2014

Yeah, about that...

Alright, I am a horrible blogger. I cannot seem to keep up with my posts and I make no excuses. The truth is, I can apologize a million times. I can promise time and again that I will do better. But, I know that it is just empty promises that will end up broken.

The truth is I have been suffering from the worst kind of writer's block. I have been unsuccessful in writing a single word. I haven't made a blog post, I haven't written a single chapter in the next installment of Adventures of Bear B & Stone. I have the ideas floating in my head. I know what I want to write. Getting a baby brother is a great idea and I've already promised to make it the next installment. I just cannot seem to sit down and focus long enough to put it together.

I do have a picture book that is ready for illustrations, but Clark seems to be suffering from the artist's form of writer's block himself. We've had a lot of changes and upheival in our family in the past year. I am hopeful (although honestly, not very confident) that as things are settling down, we can hope that soon we will be able to get back to work and produce some wonderful stories for your children.

In the meantime, thank you for your patience. Please, don't give up on us!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

'Bully Troubles (Adventures of Bear B & Stone, #1)' Available for Purchase

Hello everyone!

So much has been going on around here with the release of our newest book, Bully Troubles (Adventures of Bear B & Stone, #1).

Moving is never easy. Living in a new house, in a new neighborhood, where nothing is familiar can be hard. 
Bear B and Stone are experiencing these changes in their life. They are making new friends and learning to love their new home. 
Not everyone is very welcoming. Bossy and Butch are downright mean. They don't like Stone. It's not anything he did. It's just because he is a cat. 
Bully Troubles is about overcoming the bullies. Bear B and Stone want to be able to enjoy their lives. They don't want to let Butch and Bossy get in the way. 
Can they defeat the bullies without becoming bullies themselves?
 Bully Troubles is our first chapter book. It features a full page illustration to open every chapter. It is approximately 80 pages. There is an activity at the beginning of the book to help children understand that unkind words and mean actions hurt and that bullying comes in all forms.

Bully Troubles is available for purchase through these links (also listed down the side of this blog).

There is still also a giveaway going on over on GoodReads. Check out our previous post for more information.

We are asking people to help us spread the word about this new release! Simply share one of the above links with your friends via FB, Twitter, or any other way you choose, or share this blog post. Thanks for your help!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Enter 2 Win!!

So much is going on here these days. We are happy to announce that Bully Troubles (Adventures of Bear B & Stone, #1) is available for Kindle. Visit Amazon to pick up your copy today. If you prefer to wait for the print version, you won't have to wait long. We are expecting it to be available by early next week. We will keep you posted.

In the meantime, you can enter to win a copy over at Goodreads. (Goodreads membership is required)

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Bully Troubles by Tiffany A. Higgins

Bully Troubles

by Tiffany A. Higgins

Giveaway ends August 31, 2013.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
Enter to win
Simply follow the link and enter!

We are working really hard on getting another picture book out for you all. This one is titled Witches Three and is a Halloween story. Also, Baby Brother (Adventures of Bear B & Stone, #2) is coming along fairly quickly. With a new puppy in the house, the inspiration and the stories just keep piling up. Hopefully it will continue to flow as quickly and smoothly as it has thus far.

So, that is what we have going on over here. As always, we love to hear from our readers and their parents. Please feel free to contact us, or leave us reviews on Amazon, Goodreads or Barnes & Noble. We will continue to keep you posted with all the goings on over here.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

It's me again, the horrible blogger that never remembers to post...

Hi guys. I hope everyone is doing well. I am so sorry that I haven't posted in so long. We have been working really hard to get Adventures of Bear B & Stone: Bully Troubles ready for release. Things are going pretty well, although we are a bit behind our schedule. We are hoping that we will be able to schedule the release date for the first week of August.

In the meantime, I wanted to discuss the epidemic of bullying. Many people young and old do not realize just how often bullying happens. We are led to believe that bullying is what happens when one kid hits another kid over and over again or shoves them in a locker. Maybe even the stereotypical bully who hangs a kid (much smaller than them) by their ankles and "shakes them down" for their lunch money.

Bullying goes much deeper than that. Did you know that when you call someone a name, that too is bullying? Do you realize that every unkind word you've spoken has left a scar on someone's heart? Bullying is any form of abuse or intimidation. Many times, bullies aren't looking to hurt the other person as much as they are attempting to build themselves up. Many bullies were (or are) bullied themselves by someone else.

Your first instinct when someone is hurting you is to fight back. You want to fight for yourself. You want to make them feel as bad as you do. This is not the best way to handle bullying. I know it seems hard, it seems unlikely to work, but the best response is no response at all. Sure, if someone comes at you swinging, get your arms up to protect yourself. However, if the assault is verbal, do nothing. That's right, ignore them. OR (and I know this will shock many of you) say something kind back. Sometimes all a bully needs is to know that they can find a friend in you.

This is true in any situation. Not just for kids. But I think it is important for kids to know that they aren't alone and they are not out of options. Of course, I also encourage any child to seek adult assistance if they find themselves in a situation that makes them scared, uncomfortable or they just don't know what to do. Also, children need to know that if they ever see anyone hurting another person, they should get help immediately. They should be reminded to consider what they would want someone to do if they were in the person's shoes.

I hope that this article has helped some of you to understand how to talk about and handle bullying. We will be announcing the details of our release very soon. (Also, we may soon include an excerpt here on the blog for your reading enjoyment).