Friday, October 26, 2012

Never Ending...

It seems that the quest to finish Adventures of Bear B & Stone is a never ending one. Every time I think that I am almost finished, ready to write the last chapter, it dawns on me that there is something missing in the middle chapters.

I have edited and rewritten chapters 2-5 numerous times now, constantly adding fresh new content that contributes meat to the story. Chapter 6 took a dive. After editing and rewriting the preceding chapters I realized that between chapter 5 and chapter 6 I seemed to be missing something. So most of chapter 6 became the new chapter 7, chapter 7 became 8... So, this left me with only a couple of chapters to begin chapter 6. Now, I need to figure out what happened in the story between 5 & 7.

Previously, it was written that days went on in this fashion for some time and summer rolled around. That was a cheap escape that I apparently wrote for myself. I don't want to leave that trap door hanging wide open for my readers to fall through. They deserve better. I have my ideas on what can happen during 6. I have some thoughts on where it should go leading up to the newly appointed 7. Now if only I could tie it all together in a satisfactory manner. Satisfactory being the first step in achieving GREAT, which is of course my ultimate goal.

Needless to say, Adventures of Bear B & Stone probably won't be ready in time for Christmas as I had previously hoped. I will continue to keep you posted on the progress of the chapters. The end is in sight. Unfortunately, the middle has a giant hole in it.

It's much harder than I thought putting together a chapter book for tweens. My novel flowed more easily than this one seems to be.

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